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Billiard ARt 2.0 is a great game for billiard fans.
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Billiard Art 2.0 is a great game that offers realistic billiard simulation. At the main screen you will be able to load new games, previous games, change the preferences and access the help section. Under preferences you can choose among six different players and four different clubs. The help section offers you detailed information of how to use the controls, but in general you can do your movements either with the keyboard or with the mouse. While starting a new game you can choose to play against the computer, another player or to play in training mode. During the game you can change the view by a zoom application, or you can also change the vertical angle of the view. The strength is used after you choose the exact position of your hitting point, and you are able to cancel the position using the right button of the mouse. The computer is a rough player so we recommend you to start playing in training mode. If you like playing real billiard, you will love this game since the shots are very realistic.

Augusto Rivera
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